WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT then the other daycare's in town.

1. No overcrowding of dogs in daycare. We have over
10000 sq- ft of indoor and outdoor space for your big or small dog to run and play.

2. Both floors have 3/8 inch rubber flooring for your dog’s joints. Most facilities are concrete which are cold and eventually will cause pain and sore joints.

3. Located right in downtown Tacoma just minutes away from Tacoma Dome Transit station and with our 6:00 am drop off, this makes us the earliest open daycare's in Tacoma.

4. Experienced staff/ Dog Trainers and Excellent staff to dog ratio which allows for lots of personal attention for your dog.

What are the benefits of the Doggie Daycare
Our daycare environment offers a multitude of benefits, Behaviorists encourage regular socialization and daily exercise for dogs’ overall quality of life and improved behavior.  Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to a wide variety of environments, situations, animals, and types of people.  It is important for them to learn to recognize their own species, to communicate successfully with other dogs, and to learn to live well among people and other animals.  This is best achieved by bringing them to a Doggie Day Care, where they can interact with a variety of other dogs and people at the same time.  This is an ongoing process to continually keep the dog friendly and excited to be out in the world. It will greatly help to reduce behavioral problems such as barking, whining, crankiness and/or destruction of property typically caused by under stimulation.  By not being left alone throughout the day and getting their social and physical exercise, dogs are able to expel their pent up energy, and will come home happy, tired, and ready to cuddle. ​

ALL DOGS UNDER 20 lbs Must attend Dawg Town Littles (located at 2702 A St Tacoma, 4 min away from our Tacoma Ave Location)